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Swinger Couples FAQ`S & Guidelines

This is a compilation of some guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions(FAQS) about Lifestyle or Swinger Couples.....
The swinger lifestyle is now becoming the fantasy and experience of several married and unmarried couples. However, the society doesn`t accept the lifestyle that provides sexual liberties to the couples yet. Hence, they need to venture out swinger travel expeditions to the socially receptive and advance cruises and resorts. These trips give one the opportunity to meet and interact with a group of open minded individuals, who wish to explore their sexual capabilities.

Some people have a deeply hidden attraction towards similar sex but they can`t realize their sexual fantasies due to the fear of society`s non-acceptance of such relationships. Some people dream to experiencing group sex but they can`t find individuals of the same sensual intellect who can support their views.

Some people feel the urge to experience the immense pleasures of couple swapping and exhibitionism. Hence, for a swinger traveler the opportunity and the platform to realize his/her sexual fantasies after the mutual consent of other individuals reside in swinger resorts.

Moreover, a swinger travelling Endeavour is not primarily featured with love making. One can also indulge into other exciting activities like snorkeling, water-skiing, scuba-diving, water sports etc. Spending some memorable moments on the deck while enjoying an erotic body massage with your swinging partner is one of the wonderful features of swinger cruises. Moreover, most of the swinger travel destinations believe in the "Au Natural" concept. Hence, there won`t be any luggage problems, since ones luggage will contain very few clothes and the necessary travel documents.

Nowadays, swingers plan their swinger travelling acts to a resort or a cruise. These naturalist destinations provide amazing facilities to the travelers. They provide well furnished rooms, spas, Jacuzzi, bars, discotheque, fitness centre etc. Hence, one can also pamper his/her body and enjoy the sexual activities in a highly comfortable and very hygienic environment.

Nowadays, it is not necessary for the swingers to go to a travel agency in order to book their tickets and feel the awkward behavior of the people out there. They can help themselves by booking their vacations for the swinger travel through an online travel portal and get them delivered at their specified address. Furthermore, these websites also provide information about the concept of swinging along with information about the destinations and also the resorts which offer swinger vacation packages.

Why Lifestyle Couples Experience?

What sort of people are Swingers?
The people involved in this Lifestyle consist of a large cross section of people. Swingers come from all walks of life, in all shapes, sizes and ages. Upon average, it appears that most couples are in their late twenties to late forties but there are many other ages represented from 21 through "senior years". Look around at the thirty/fortyish crowd the next time you are at the airport waiting for a flight. Imagine them without their kids or stuffy suits on but rather looking their most relaxed, sexy best. This will give you an idea of what swingers look like as ANY ONE of these people could be Swingers! We have met all types of people in the Lifestyle with all types of careers from A to Z. Swingers represent a large demographic. Some of the most common similarities we have observed that Swingers share include a sense of adventure, a love for new experiences and meeting new friends, honesty and an open mind, respect for others, and most of all, a very strong, secure and loving relationship with their partner. Swingers, in general, are fun loving people that seem to enjoy life to the fullest.

How do I approach my partner about Swinging?
There are two ways to go. The first is frank discussion - if your partner is able to verbalize his or her sexual desires, then talking and finding out the facts together may lead you to the decision that is best for your overall happiness. If it is difficult to find out exactly what your partner thinks, a less subtle approach may be better. Try exposing your partner to the idea of Swinging through verbal fantasizing during lovemaking, viewing pornographic movies and magazines that portray multiples, becoming platonic friends with Swingers, etc. By contacting local Swingers Clubs, you will be able to find out about parties and hotel lounges that are meeting places for couples interested in Swinging. A visit for dinner and drinks may lead to contacts and discussions that may spark your partner`s interest in a new form of sexual adventure! I think I am interested in a Swinging experience, but am not 100% sure. This makes me a little uncomfortable, what should I do? Once all the facts are in front of you, the decision will be a little easier. Like anything else in life, the first time may be a little uncomfortable because you have not participated in the activity before and do not know what to do. This is perfectly normal. Contact a local Swingers Couples Clubs or hotels and explain your interests. You will more than likely be speaking with someone who knows exactly where you are coming from because he (she) was in your position at one time. They should be able to offer advice, contacts to speak with or meet, and places where you can go to socialize with Swingers on a platonic basis. This should give you exposure to the Swing Scene without any sexual involvement on your part.

Aren`t you worried about diseases?
When we first started thinking about getting into swinging, we had many of the same questions and concerns as you about STD`s. We wish we could tell you the answer or point to somewhere on the Internet that gives the absolute facts, but we can`t. This is a personal decision that you and your partner will have to resolve. Like anything in life, there are risks. We recommend you a very good book that clear many questions about Swingers: The Lifestyle. A Look at the Erotic Rites of Swingers. The author of the book is not a swinger, he`s an investigative writer and so far we`ve found everything in the book to be factual, honest and not just one-sided from a swinger`s perspective.

How do you know someone is healthy and safe?
You probably cannot be 100% certain but swingers don`t want STD`s just as much as anyone else. From our experiences, we`ve seen most everyone being very cautious. That is not to say that we would not play with a couple orally if they asked us to use condoms, it`s just that by the time we are in a situation where we are playing with a couple, we`re comfortable playing (and yes that is a risk, we take) orally without condoms. If we were to ever decide to have full intercourse with other couples we would definitely use condoms.It`s imperative that you protect yourself and your spouse from diseases. Many Couples only set their own rules: they never swing without using condoms, they avoid certain sexual acts (except perhaps with each other), they abstain at certain times, whatever. In my opinion, it would be irresponsible for anyone with a communicable, fatal disease to participate in the swinging couples Lifestyle - so if you have HIV or AIDS, you shouldn`t even put others at risk. For other diseases, like herpes, you might be able to put your mind at ease just by doing a little research. Herpes is fairly prevalent today, medications are getting better, and I`d guess that anyone who has it would simply not play unprotected. Still, you want to protect yourself - the steps you take to do so are up to you. You can check with your state or county health department for more information on most STD`s, and there is plenty of information on these topics out there on the `net.

What are the different ways to make contacts with other individuals / couples interested in Swinging?
Established Swingers Clubs are very professional and discreet in their conduct. Otherwise, they would not exist for more than a week. Other alternatives are Swinger publications and contact magazines / newsletters, Internet newsgroups, websites such as this one, introduction services, conventions and special events, travel agencies and resorts that cater to the sexually adventurous, and telephone contact organizations that offer voice mail advertisement and responses as well as chat lines.

How can I maintain my privacy while corresponding with other Swingers?
You should be able to maintain a P.O. Box at a local post office for a nominal fee. Email is growing in popularity these days as well as websites, like this one, whose personal ads will act as an intermediary until you decide to give out your email address. In this way, you can remain anonymous at your leisure. Swinging activities can take place at third party locations: Swingers Clubs, hotels, resorts, private homes, etc.

What is the Lifestyle?
Well first of all, the phrase "the lifestyle" is one of those euphemisms like "passed away" or "powder my nose" that everyone uses instead of telling it like it is. "The Lifestyle" means swinging - couples getting together with other couples to enjoy sex with each other`s partners. The lifestyle also includes singles (ladies or men) who get together with couples to participate in sexual activities.

We thought that marriage was supposed to be monogamous - how do you justify this kind of activity?
You don`t have to "justify" it - you explore the idea to find out if it suits you. If it does, no justification is needed - it`s just something you enjoy. If it doesn`t suit you, no justification is needed because you won`t do it.

Why do couples swing? Aren`t they happy in their relationships?
On the contrary, couples who enjoy swinging are very secure and stable in their primary relationships. (If you are NOT secure in your relationship, you`ll likely have problems dealing with your emotions once you are involved in the lifestyle.) Most couples who swing have better-than-average communication with each other - they can and do talk to each other about anything - including their sexual fantasies. They are looking for ways to enhance their relationship, to make sex better and more exciting, and to add variety to their sex without cheating on their partner.

How do I approach my spouse with the idea of swinging?
This depends on the stability of your relationship. If you are used to expressing fantasies with each other, you can simply start expressing your desire to see your partner being pleasured by someone else... a little sexy talk now can lead to real conversations later, which might lead you to exploring the club or personals scene more in-depth. If you do not yet talk to each other about your sexual needs and fantasies, you should start gradually to introduce this kind of talk into your sex play. But start with the mild stuff first - it might not be wise to suddenly blurt out, "I`d love to see you doing this with someone else!" Also, look for clues that your partner may entertain fantasies involving others: does he/she get turned on by movies depicting group sex? Does he/she turn up the heat during sex with you after you`ve met another couple socially? If you see such clues, comment on them in a positive way. As far as coming right out with the question of swinging, only you can gauge how you think your partner will react. But generally speaking, the question of whether they are interested in swinging must be posed so that your partner knows you are wanting to please them and enhance your sex life together - if they think you are just wanting to get into someone else`s pants yourself, you come across as being selfish and they might think you are dissatisfied with them.

How do I convince my partner to swing?
You can`t (and don`t want to) force your partner to do anything - swinging is about mutual respect and pleasure, and you don`t want your spouse to do this just because *you* want to - believe me, it`s imperative that they want to do it too! So don`t try to force it. If they are reluctant at first, you just have to take it slow - you`re allowed to express your fantasies too, just like you want your spouse to do, so mention once in a while how much it would turn you on to watch your spouse with someone else, to do it with your spouse in front of others, to walk in on your friends having sex and then the two of you joining in, being naked in a hot tub with another couple, etc. - be creative! You don`t have to drop it completely unless you get a flat "No, never, not on your life." Then I don`t know what you do. The key is just to gently suggest things without pressure to really make it happen.

How do swinging couples meet each other?
Couples usually meet either by attending social events sponsored by lifestyle clubs or by contacting each other directly through personal ads placed in lifestyle magazines or on the internet.

How do you go about meeting someone through personal ads?
You simply look for ads that appeal to you - couples usually give brief descriptions of themselves and what they are looking for - and drop them a friendly note to introduce yourself, and take it from there. If they are in your area and you want to meet them in person, you can arrange to meet at a bar or restaurant to chat.

Isn`t that dangerous?
If you make your first meeting a public one, such as in a bar or restaurant, there is really no more danger than going on a date. You are under no obligation to leave the bar with them or even talk to them again. If it turns out the ad was a fake, then obviously no one will show up to meet you - that`s not dangerous, it`s just annoying. You should not, however, agree to meet any new couple or person in private - public meetings establish that everything is above board, and give you and idea of whether the person or couple is one you would like to get to know better.

What if we arrange to meet a new couple and we get cold feet?
It`s nerve-wracking to think about meeting a new couple - after all, your ultimate goal is to have sex with them! But back up a moment - in reality, the goal of the first meeting is NOT to have sex, it`s simply to determine whether this is a couple you and your spouse are attracted to. So really, there`s no pressure to do *anything* other than visit and get to know each other a little. Whatever you do, DON`T stand someone up. Everyone gets the butterflies, but it`s really rude to make plans and then simply fail to show. If you must cancel, let them know in advance you won`t be there.

What happens next?
After your first meeting, that`s entirely up to you - you can start building a friendship and approach the idea of sex later, or you can tell them up front whether you would like to "get together" with them (that`s another euphemism, it means "have sex")and make plans to do so.

How about club events - what are those?
Most states have privately-owned clubs established for the purpose of providing opportunities for swinging couples to meet. Also club experience is much the same across the country. Most clubs host dances or other social events (such as hot tub parties) which couples can attend.

Do you have to swing with someone if you attend a club event?
No. If a club requires you to have sex with someone at an event, run screaming in the other direction. You are NEVER required to do anything you don`t want to do, at a club event or anywhere else in the Lifestyle. The clubs just provide an opportunity to meet like-minded swinger couples (so you don`t have to wonder "do they or don`t they")in a sexy atmosphere that`s conducive to the kind of activity you`re interested in.

What happens at club or hotel events?
That depends on the type of event and the couples in attendance. At a dance, the atmosphere is charged and you can expect loud music, "dirty dancing," salacious rubbing/bumping and grinding, and suggestive conversation. There likely will NOT be blatant sexual activity going on at the dance - just a lot of flirting and people getting turned on. But then again, there could be some pretty outrageous behavior at the dance itself. We`ve seen it! Hot tub parties (or other kinds of house parties) are lower-key - there are fewer people, and the atmosphere is quieter. This type of event is more conducive to talking with other couples and learning more about them personally. Our personal view is that you might feel more pressure to get together - not because people will pressure you overtly, but because it`s highly likely that there WILL be sexual activity at this party and you will begin to feel conspicuous if you don`t participate. Whether you do get together with anyone, of course, is STILL entirely up to you. You can leave the party if you are really uncomfortable, or stay and hold your ground, or dive in and party. It`s up to you.
At either type of event, there will likely be an area set aside for getting together if you choose to do so.

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